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15 g
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cdVet PropolisHerbal

Autumn is when your pet’s body defenses are lowered, so it’s up to you to take care of her health. This natural supplement will help boost her immune system. It contains natural extracts, vitamins, and lots of other healthy components. No chance of catching a cold now!

cdVet PropolisHerbal is a purely natural complementary feed and can be used for all species. Help for our immune system, vitality for the organism.

Although our animals are permantently in contact with bacteria, virus and fungis they normally stay healthy . To adduce the performance the immune system is always on alert. Germs which enter in the body are identified and destroyed. But stress, environmental influences and the natural aging process weaken the immune system and thus the body´s defences. Germs have a walk-over and our animal gets ill.

Propolis is a bee product. It is used as a building material for the hive. Plant resins are the basic material of the propolis. It is composed of many different substances. These are for example vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, trace elements and flavoids.

The valuable ingredients in propolis can support the immue system on his work effectively. Propolis is rich in valuable minerals and trace elements like magnesium, calcium, silicium, zinc and copper.

Propolis powder, sallow thorn, spirulina, dead-nettle herb, bean husks, horsetail herb, blackberry leaves, balm leaves, ginseng root, vine leaves, hemp agrimony herb, oak bark, osier bark, chamomile flowers.

Ολική τέφρα 43.8%
Ακατέργαστες λιπαρές ουσίες 14.6%
Πρωτεΐνη 4.1%
Kalcium 1.01%
Νάτριο 0.7%
Φωσφόρος 0.07%

Rodents: one pinch, cats: ½ - 1 scoop.

Small dogs: ½ – 1 ½ scoops.

Dogs over 5 kg: 1 scoop per 5 kg body weight.

Dogs over 20 kg: 2 scoops per 10 kg body weight.


Once daily onto the feed one measuring spoon corresponds to about 1 g because of the high content of bentonite montmorillonite this feed can only be given up to 4.4% of the animals daily feed.

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