Mix Max Puzzle
Nina Ottosson Mix Max Puzzle Level B

Mix Max Puzzle

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Mix Max Puzzle

Level C

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Mix Max Puzzle

Level B

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Nina Ottosson Mix Max Puzzle

Put together several games to one BIG activity board game. Hide treats and let your dog figure out how to find them.

Create your own puzzle game by combining several different games, you decide how difficult it will be, from easy to very advance – there are endless possibilities!

A completely new and unique concept of activity games for dogs. Use one game by itself, or put together several games to create the ultimate game at the level that your dog needs.

Tricky and fun for ALL dogs, regardless of age, size or breed.
Difficulty levels, medium & advanced and very advanced by combining several different games.

  • Size: L 28 x B 28 x H 4.5 cm

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