Can Beef
Classic Dog Can Beef  1.24 kg

Can Beef

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Can Beef Classic Dog 4260104074642

Classic Dog Can Beef

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Classic Dog Can Duck

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2. Βάρος:
1.24 kg
2. Βάρος:
1.24 kg
2. Βάρος:
1.24 kg
2. Βάρος:
1.24 kg
2. Βάρος:
1.24 kg
2. Βάρος:
1.24 kg
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Classic Dog Can Beef

Classic Dog - is a natural and balanced blend of carefully selected ingredients and delicious.

According to scientific knowledge develops, it is specifically tailored to the nutritional needs of your dog. Classic Dog is made from the best raw materials in a special mild process and so contains valuable proteins, vital vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Your dog needs strength to be vital and healthy. Contained substances such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, trace elements, vitamins and minerals are necessary to obtain this power permanent composition.

Meat and animal derivatives (5 % beef), cereals, minerals, caramel.

Υγρασία 80%
Πρωτεΐνη 7.5%
Ακατέργαστες λιπαρές ουσίες 5%
Ολική τέφρα 2%
Ακατέργαστη φυτική ίνα 0.5%

 Weight of dog   Grams per day​ 
1 - 5kg ca. 400g
5 - 15kg ca. 800g
15 - 25kg ca. 1200g

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